Brevite Backpack Review: Unique Camera Backpacks with Lots of Organizational Features

In this Brevite Backpack review, we examine Brevite's simple everyday camera backpacks for those looking for something a little different.
brevite backpack review
brevite backpack review

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Finding the perfect EDC backpack is challenging, particularly given how many high-tech and high-end new options there are to choose from. Brevite takes a step back from the neverending arms race of backpack feature creep. In this Brevite Backpack review, we examine Brevite’s simple everyday camera backpacks for those looking for something a little different.

Brevite Backpack

Quick Overview

The Brevite Backpack and its variants are simple, stylish backpacks without any bells or whistles. The everyday bags are simple, dependable, and available in a gorgeous array of bright colors, but it’s the two camera backpacks that really stand out from the crowd.









What We Like

Variety of eye-catching colors
Reasonable internal organization
J-zip side access point
Padded camera cube is easy to adjust

What We Don’t Like

Expensive for an 18L backpack
Style is very much u0022love it or hate itu0022
Ergonomics are lackluster at bestn

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What is the Brevite Backpack? Brevite Backpack Review Overview

Brevite (pronounced brevity) is all about style matched with substance. Three brothers created the company with the goal of creating lasting change for good through empowering people to create, invent, and be true to themselves.

Brevite makes quality products from recycled materials available in a vast variety of bright and eye-catching colors. Their backpacks are divided into everyday bags and camera bags, with slight changes to the overall design to improve usability.

Brevite Backpack Design and Style 

Brevite backpacks turn simplicity into an art form. The’re minimalist packs with clean lines and almost non-existent branding. We noticed right away in our Brevite backpack review that Brevite doesn’t push their logo on you. It’s nice to see a brand stand by their product without plastering their name everywhere.

The OG Brevite Backpack is squarish and compact, with basic padded shoulder straps and just three zippered openings. It would be almost plain if it weren’t for the riot of color options Brevite offers. You can get your backpack in lemon yellow, poppy red, powder teal, and eight other stylish colors to match your EDC backpack to your personality. 

brevite backpack review: color options

All that smooth, open space on the front and sides of the bag is perfect to liberally cover with patches, pins, stickers, and anything else important to you. Brevite backpacks aren’t plain, they’re a blank canvas to paint the image of yourself that you wish to display. If that sounds like you, Brevite is an excellent choice.

brevite backpack review: colorful pins

Brevite Backpack Features and Functionality

A Brevite backpack isn’t a regular backpack. They have some serious style going for them, but a backpack is only as good as its comfort and usability. In our Brevite backpack review, we graded them based on their comfort/ergonomics, organization features, capacity/accessibility, and exterior features plus extras and addons. 

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Capacity and accessibility

At just 18L, the Brevite Backpack falls into the day bag category. It’s got space for a laptop plus everyday essentials with basic organizational features for things like keys, cash, memory cards, a wallet, etc. 

Brevite backpack review: daily styles

We the additional J-zip side access point for the main compartment. We’ve all been in the position of needing to find “that one thing” that somehow always migrates to the very bottom of our full backpack. With the side access point we didn’t have to rearrange our entire life’s worth of stuff to get it.

The zippers on the Brevite/Jumper variants are smooth and secure, with zero issues zipping and unzipping them even while fairly stuffed. We liked the knapsack styling of the Daily/Jumper but noticed that it was a bit annoying to unsnap the top flap if the bag was full. It wasn’t a serious issue, but something to keep in mind if you’re right on the edge of 18L EDC backpack territory.

Pockets and organizational features 

A backpack is only as good as its ability to carry your things in an easy-to-access yet secure manner. Brevite offers the essentials in terms of pockets but is somewhat lacking in organizational features.

Lots of pockets on the Brevite backpack

The two everyday packs, the Daily and Brevite Backpack, have a total of six pockets, including a zippered laptop sleeve capable of holding up to a 16″ laptop. The main compartment is roomy and can be accessed from both the top zipper/knapsack-style flap and a nifty “J-zip” for quickly grabbing one or two things. 

There’s a “hidden” pocket against the front of the main compartment for things like keys or cash, plus a passport pocket along one side of the back to hold essential documents like your passport. 

Brevite backpack side pocket

The front pocket is the only one with traditional organizational features built-in, offering four webbed pockets to help keep chargers and similar small items organized. There’s also a top quick access pocket near the handle to grab items quickly.

The camera bags have a few changes to the exact pocket layout and accessibility, but we’ll cover those more in-depth below.

Overall, the Brevite everyday bags offer reasonable storage options for everyday use, far more than a standard backpack would offer.

Comfort and ergonomics 

Brevite has a lot going for it, but comfort and ergonomic design definitely aren’t its strongest points. The harness system of the Brevite Backpacks can best be described as basic, with limited padding on thin shoulder straps, no sternum strap, no back webbing, and none of the features we expect on backpacks above Jansport elementary school bag level.

brevite backpack review: straps

In this Brevite backpack review, we spent some time carrying it around. They’re not exactly uncomfortable to carry, but they’re a lot less adjustable and offer significantly less focus on long-term wearability. We definitely wouldn’t want to carry more than about 10-lbs in a Brevite bag for any length of time. 

This level of ergonomics is perfectly acceptable for an everyday bag, but the Brevite Backpack wouldn’t be our first choice for a travel bag.

Exterior, axtras, and addons

The exterior of the Brevite backpacks is sleek and straightforward. The only things we felt merited mentions in our Brevite backpack review were the expandable water bottle pocket and luggage pass-through. 

The water bottle pocket is side-mounted and could easily hold a large Hydro Flask without bulging out or looking like it was going to slip free at any second (something that happens all too often on backpacks). The luggage pass-through is a useful feature, but given our above views on using the Brevite as a carry-on, we think it’s more of a “nice extra” than an essential. 

Brevite backpack luggage pass-through

Brevite backpacks are described as “weather-resistant,” which we took to mean a light sprinkle for a few minutes. We were impressed that Brevite offers a fitted rain cover that provides protection from even the most severe downpours. We’d expect that from a hiking/outdoor gear brand like Patagonia or Gregory but were pleasantly surprised to see it from a general goods company like Brevite.

Brevite backpack review: rain cover
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Brevite Backpack Materials and Durability 

Brevite Backpacks are made from recycled 600D polyester and are described as “weather-resistant.” That’s a fairly soft material that’s comfortable on your skin but also a lot more likely to show wear when used on an everyday basis. 

The stitching, webbing, and hardware aspects of the packs looked rock solid on our first appraisal and showed no signs of wear or damage after a month of daily wear testing. We saw a few small smudges and marks on the bag itself, but that’s to be expected on any backpack put to everyday use.

Brevite backpack fabrics

While we wouldn’t describe Brevite backpacks as tough in the sense of something like a Goruck, we have no reservations saying that they’ll last for years when used for their intended purpose as an everyday backpack or camera bag. 

Brevite backs us up on that, offering a Lifetime Warranty against all defects in workmanship and materials. Here’s their policy:

“We are committed to providing you durable, well-crafted products. They are built to withstand your everyday adventures and to accompany you for years to come. If for any reason your product has a defect due to workmanship, we will help you resolve the issue. This may include a broken zipper or ripped seam. 

“Though our products are built to last for years to come, all materials do deteriorate over time from normal wear and tear. For this reason, we’re unable to repair or replace products due to normal wear and tear. 

“We don’t ask many questions for warranty submissions. Our only request is that prior to submitting your warranty claim you ask yourself whether or not the issue is affecting the functionality of your product or the safety of your gear. We do our best to keep products in use for as long as possible. This is the best way to promote sustainability and keep items out of landfill.”

Who are Brevite Backpacks For? 

While the Brevite Backpack line has an eye-catching color palette and attractive minimalist styling, they aren’t for everyone. They’re made from high-quality materials and are designed to be stylish, easy to use, and generally comfortable to wear, but they aren’t exactly cutting edge in terms of backpack performance. 

One point of contention for many is the relatively high price point (particularly for the camera backpacks) for what is effectively a daypack. They’re comparably priced to products from extremely well-regarded brands but don’t actually offer much in terms of additional functionality or quality. That stuck out right away when we started this Brevite backpack review.

We’ll level with you here, for the same price you can get comparably sized, more ergonomic, and more organizationally loaded packs from brands like Timbuk2, Osprey, and Fjällräven

What gives Brevite an edge over the competition is its unique range of colors (including some genuinely gorgeous pastels) and focus on making seriously simple yet serious backpacks. This is particularly true when it comes to its line of camera backpacks, a field dominated by ultra-functional bags that too often look like something your uncle would carry.

They’re statement pieces about who you are, what you stand for, and how you wish to present yourself. They aren’t for everyone, but if you’re someone who wants to show your true personality in every aspect of your life, Brevite is an excellent option.

Brevite Camera Backpacks

One place where Brevite stands out is its stylish camera backpacks, which is something we couldn’t ignore in our Brevite backpack review. Whereas many camera backpacks we see are (over)strapped, (over)pocketed, and styled like you’re taking your mirrorless on a 14-day expedition up the Amazon, the Brevite camera backpacks still look like minimalist, stylish daypacks. For this reason, it’s not just for professional photographers. 

Brevite offers two options for photographers on the go, the Brevite Jumper Backpack and the Runner, each of which is the same size and functionally identical save for the choice between a traditional U-zip top opening and a knapsack style flap. They take the form factor and eye-catching style of Brevite’s everyday backpacks and add important organizational and protective features specifically for photographers.

Instead of a single main compartment, the Brevite camera backpack offers an upper compartment for incidental items (we recommend a tasty snack) and a padded bottom compartment with configurable padded dividers to fit your expensive gear: your camera, lenses, and other essential items.

There’s also a separate zipped area with four mesh pockets and a hidden pocket for extra security. This makes it easy to organize and protect your camera and equipment while still offering usable space for other items. If you prefer, you can take out the removable dividers entirely to make one big space with maximum carrying capacity. 

Brevite backpack camera compartment

In practice, we found the dual openings Brevite brags about to be a tremendous time-saving innovation. We could use the front-facing entrance to access all our kit or the side C-zip opening to get to our camera and catch a perfect shot quickly. The travel tripod attachment straps (tripod holder) on the bottom and side (near the water bottle pouch) were a nice touch.

Brevite backpack review: camera side pocket

While I wouldn’t say Brevite offers the very best camera bags out there, they’re eminently suitable for carrying, organizing, and protecting your gear. The range of eye-popping pastel colors is a significant draw for those looking to match every part of their EDC to their personal style.

Brevite Backpack Final Thoughts

Brevite set out to make a simple, stylish backpack that allows everyone to unleash their inner creativity. The Brevite Jumper Backpack, Brevite Runner Backpack, and Brevite Daily Backpacks have done an excellent job meeting those goals. 

We were seriously impressed with the functionality of the Brevite Jumper Backpack and Brevite Runner camera bags. They offer a very different and minimal style to the vast majority of camera backpacks available without sacrificing utility or protection for your prized gear. 

We’d go as far to call the Brevite Camera Backpacks some of the best EDC camera bags on the market.

For their everyday bags, the results were more mixed. We won’t claim that Brevite makes the best everyday backpacks or even the best everyday backpacks at their price point, but they offer quality packs in a color palette that most gear makers wouldn’t dream of offering.

If you’re looking to put your own personal stamp on the EDC gear you take everywhere, a Brevite backpack is a solid option.

The Brevite Backpack 18L Traveling Backpack with Laptop Compartment

Small backpack with spacious 18L interior capacity. Ultralight traveling on airplane flights complete with a passport pocket and luggage passthrough (fits seamlessly over your suitcase handle). A backpack with laptop sleeve, sleek and functional for the classroom, office, and commute! Thoughtful design, from traditional backpacks to photography backpack styles.

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02/18/2024 10:25 pm GMT
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