Civivi Elementum Review: Everything You Want in a Traditional EDC Knife

In this Civivi Elementum review, we find out if it is the ideal EDC knife with its pocket friendly size and lightweight design.
civivi elementum review
civivi elementum review

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The Civivi Elementum is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, making it perfect for both outdoor adventures and day-to-day use. It comes with an ergonomic design for a secure grip and a smooth flipping action, which allows for effortless one-handed opening. In this Civivi Elementum review, we find out if it is the ideal EDC knife with its pocket friendly size and lightweight design.

Civivi Elementum

Quick Overview

The Civivi Elementum combines functionality, affordability, and aesthetics, making it a popular choice among EDC knife enthusiasts. It’s pocket-friendly, ergonomic, and easy to use.









What We Like

Ergonomic handle design
Wide range of customization options
Hollow grind and high-quality steel
Smooth flipping action

What We Don’t Like

Lack of a pronounced sharpening choil
Slight resistance cutting at certain angles
Requires frequent sharpening

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What is the Civivi Elementum?

Civivi is a subsidiary of the WE Knife company. Their goal is to offer customers on a budget high-quality knives crafted from premium materials.

The Civivi Elementum is a folding knife that comes in a sleek and minimalist design, perfect for those who love simplicity. It has clean lines and an understated aesthetic, which gives it a modern and refined look. The Elementum is also a practical knife, featuring a pocket-friendly size that makes it easy for you to carry on a daily basis.

Civivi Elementum review: design and style

It is important to mention that some users have criticized the absence of a pronounced sharpening choil. A sharpening choil is a small notch or indentation near the base of the blade that allows for easier sharpening and maintenance. Without a well-defined choil, you might find it challenging to sharpen the blade effectively because it requires more precision and care.

But despite this criticism, the clean design of the Elementum is sleek and stylish, which makes it appealing to those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic. Its slim profile and refined appearance make it an excellent choice for a gentleman’s carry, as it blends seamlessly with professional attire or formal settings.

Civivi Elementum Design and Style

Civivi pays attention to detail in the design and construction of the Elementum, and this results in a knife that shows careful craftsmanship. From the precise fit and finish to the smooth flipping action, every aspect of the Civivi Elementum is meticulously considered to ensure an excellent user experience.

The Elementum features a slim and ergonomic profile to ensure a comfortable grip and easy handling. Its versatile blade styles, including drop point, tanto, and cleaver styles, provide a variety of choices to suit your specific cutting needs and preferences.

The handle scales are carefully crafted, with their smooth texture adding a touch of elegance to the knife and enhancing its overall appeal. The smoothness of the scales further improves the ease of use of the knife, making it easy to take out of the pocket when needed.

There are tons of customization options available for the Elementum. You can choose the handle scales with any of the aftermarket options as a way of adding your own touch of style and making the knife unique to you. I only got to experiement with one during this Civivi Elementum review, but there are dozens of options available on their website.

Key features

  • Blade Material: D2 steel
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
  • Deployment Mechanism: Flipper
  • Pocket clip: Reversible deep carry clip


  • Blade Length: 2.96 inches (75.2 mm)
  • Overall Length: 6.99 inches (177.5 mm)
  • Weight: 2.89 ounces (81.9 g)
Civivi Elementum review: Everything that's included in the package

Civivi Elementum handle

The handle of the Civivi Elementum is thoughtfully designed to provide an ergonomic and comfortable grip. It is crafted with precision to ensure that there are no hotspots or uncomfortable finger swells that could cause a bad experience during usage. The handle’s smooth and contoured shape allows for a secure hold, making it a pleasure to use for extended periods.

A useful design on the handle is the Civivi Elementum pocket clip, which is seamlessly incorporated into the design so that the knife can maintain its sleek and minimalist aesthetic. The placement of the deep carry clip ensures that it does not create any discomfort or interfere with the grip, allowing for a smooth and unobtrusive carry.

The flipper tab on the Civivi Elementum acts as a finger guard, therefore preventing your hand from slipping forward onto the blade during use. This feature improves safety and provides additional confidence when you handle the knife. Also, the flipper tab is well-positioned and ergonomically shaped, allowing for easy and intuitive deployment of the blade.

Civivi Elementum stats

Civivi Elementum blade

The Civivi Elementum is a folding knife that is designed to be perfect for everyday carry. Its blade has a hollow grind and 9Cr steel, which give it excellent cutting performance, edge retention, and ease of sharpening.

Edge geometry

The Elementum features a well-crafted edge geometry. The blade is designed with a hollow grind, which is known for its excellent slicing ability. The hollow grind creates a concave shape on the sides of the blade, resulting in a thin edge that effortlessly glides.

However, you might experience a slight resistance when cutting down a box corner with the Elementum. This resistance is because of the dramatic plunge line, which is the transition point between the blade and the handle.

Civivi Elementum blade

The pronounced plunge line creates a small ridge that can cause the blade to catch slightly when you cut at certain angles. While you might notice this resistance during specific cutting scenarios, it does not significantly affect the overall cutting ability of the Elementum.

Edge retention

During our Civivi Elementum review, it shows commendable edge retention, which makes it a reliable companion for various cutting tasks. The blade’s edge retention capabilities allow it to maintain its sharpness over time.

This EDC knife is made from 9Cr steel, which is popular for its desirable characteristics. This steel composition exhibits a small grain structure, which helps the knife hold an edge effectively. 9Cr steel also offers good toughness, ensuring that the blade can withstand demanding use.

Another reason why the Civivi Elementum is a popular choice is because of how easily its edge can be reshaped and maintained. Like all knives, the blade of the Elementum will eventually dull after a long period of usage, but you can easily sharpen it to restore its sharpness.

The 9Cr steel composition of this knife makes the reshaping process straightforward and convenient. Also, the Elementum responds well to honing, so you can make use of a honing rod to maintain the edge in between sharpening sessions. This allows you to keep the blade in optimal cutting condition with minimal effort.

CIVIVI Elementum Folding Pocket Knife

Durable D2 foldable knife blade provides razor sharp cutting performance. High performing D2 blade provides outstanding strength and edge retention. Ceramic ball-bearing pivot construction ensures fantastic, super smooth actions, allowing for quick and snappy deployment. Discrete deep carry clip carries like a dream. Lifetime gaurantee.

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Deployment and lockup

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use folding knife with a sharp blade and secure lockup, the Elementum is a great choice. Here are some of the features that make it a reliable and versatile EDC knife.

The weight

The lightweight design of the Civivi Elementum makes it a comfortable and effortless option for your everyday carry. Weighing only 2.89 ounces, the Elementum offers a noticeable difference in weight when compared to other knives in its class.

For example, the Opinel Number, a popular folding knife, weighs around 1.2 ounces more, while the Kershaw Brawler weighs approximately 5.5 ounces. This significant reduction in weight makes the Elementum a preferred choice for those looking for a lightweight knife for daily use.

Texture and jimping

The Elementum features G10 scales, which provide a textured surface for better grip and control during handling. This G10 material offers a fine balance between durability and lightweight construction, further contributing to the overall lightness of the knife.

In addition, the liner lock of the Elementum makes use of jimping, which are the textured grooves or notches on the lock mechanism and blade spine. With this jimping, you enjoy better grip and added security when engaging the liner lock for a reliable lockup.

Sharpness of the blade

When choosing a knife, one thing you don’t want to compromise on is its sharpness. The factory edge of the Elementum is impressively sharp, and you get excellent cutting performance right out of the box.

This level of sharpness is a testament to the attention to detail and quality control in the manufacturing process. No matter the type of material you are cutting or the intricacy of the task, the sharp blade of the Elementum guarantees efficiency and precision.

The action

The action of the Civivi Elementum has been widely praised in the EDC community for its extremely snappy and satisfying performance. Many have reported smooth flipping of the blade as well as a great sense of precision and reliability. The Elementum’s action is unassisted, which means that it does not rely on any spring assistance or assisted-opening mechanisms. Instead, the action of the knife is controlled by a perfectly machined detent and bearings.

Civivi Elementum snapping action

This detent is a small mechanism that keeps the blade securely in place when closed. It is carefully machined to ensure a consistent and reliable deployment. The precise engineering allows you to experience crisp and confident flipping of the blade with very minimal effort. The smoothness of the flipping action adds to the overall satisfaction of using the Elementum.

Even when you are closing the knife, the action still remains effortless and smooth. The blade simply glides back into the handle with ease, thanks to those well-designed detents and bearings. This seamless closing action contributes to its overall appeal and makes it a joy to use for everyday tasks.

Civiv Elementum action

Additional options

With the Civivi Elementum, there is a wide range of additional options available, so you can customize the knife to suit your needs and preferences. Civivi continues to introduce newer options to meet the diverse demands of EDC knife enthusiasts.

Knife types

The Elementum is primarily available as a folding knife, featuring a compact and pocket-friendly design. However, Civivi occasionally introduces limited edition or special versions of the Elementum, which usually have variations like fixed blade versions or other unique knife types.

Steel options

Civivi offers the Elementum in different steel options, so you get to choose the one that perfectly suits your preferences. Common steel options for the Elementum include D2, which is famous for its excellent edge retention, and 14C28N, a stainless steel resistant to corrosion and easy to sharpen. You can also get other steel options, depending on the specific variation.

Handle materials

You can get the Elementum with various handles. The most common choice is G10, a durable and lightweight material with incredible grip. However, Civivi offers variations with handle materials like carbon fiber, micarta, or even different colors of G10, so you get a range of options to choose from.

Blade finishes

The blade of the Elementum features various finishes, which help to add to its visual appeal. Available finishes include satin for a clean and polished look and stonewash for that rugged and worn-in appearance. There are other finishes like blackwash or DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coatings that may be available for improved durability and a unique aesthetic.

Blade styles

Apart from the other variations mentioned above, the Civivi Elementum may also be available in different blade styles. These styles can include drop point, tanto, or even cleaver-style blades, and each has its own advantages and intended uses. With these different blade styles, you can choose the one that matches your specific cutting needs.

Civivi Elementum styles

Test Drive: Carrying the Civivi Elementum for a Month

During this Civivi Elementum review, I carried this knife for a month where I evaluated different aspects of this EDC knife, including its carry-ability, the performance of the hollow ground drop point blade, and any potential issues encountered while using it for everyday tasks.

Carry-ability is an essential factor when picking an everyday carry knife, and the Elementum excels in this aspect. Its slim profile and lightweight design allowed me to carry it effortlessly in a pocket or on a belt. The straight and slender shape of the knife helps with its comfortable and unobtrusive carry, so it doesn’t cause discomfort or hinder movement.

The performance of the hollow-ground drop-point blade is incredible during use. The hollow grind improves the slicing ability of the blade, which allows us to get efficient and precise cuts.

Whether I was opening packages, cutting through various materials, or performing everyday tasks throughout this Civivi Elementum review, the blade provided a smooth cutting experience. Its drop point shape also adds versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of cutting chores.

It should be noted that the Elementum is not designed for heavy use or demanding tasks. Although it performed excellently well when used for everyday activities, its thin blade and overall construction mean it is not the best choice for heavy-duty cutting or intense outdoor operations.

I also discovered an issue with the knife’s edge retention during this Civivi Elementum review field test. While D2 blades are known for their durability, it requires more frequent sharpening than expected.

The absence of a pronounced sharpening choil has already been mentioned as one of the potential issues in the design of the Civivi Elementum. Without a well-defined choil, sharpening the blade effectively may require more precision and care. This could turn out to be an issue if you are someone who wants a knife with easy maintenance and sharpening.

Civivi Elementum Alternatives

Are you looking for a knife to add to your everyday carry gear but not convinced about the Civivi Elementum? In most reviews, we like to offer some alternatives, and this Civivi Elementum review is no exception.

Steel Will Cutjack Mini

Steel Will Cutjack Mini

The FRN/D2 Steel Will Cutjack Mini is a pocket knife designed to be able to carry out all everyday carry (EDC) tasks. It features a 3-inch blade made from D2 steel, known for its toughness and long-lasting sharpness.

Like the Elementum, the blade of this knife can be easily deployed with a flipper and is secured with a linear lock mechanism. Its handle is made out of FRN (Fiber Reinforced Nylon), a lightweight and strong material enhanced with glass fiber. The knife also comes with a pocket clip, so you can carry it safely and conveniently.

The Cutjack’s blade design is a modern drop point with a swooping belly and a long, lean swedge. It features a high flat grind and a satin finish, which give it a sleek appearance. Despite the fact that it is a budget knife, the D2 steel blade performs impressively with a good edge and is easy to sharpen.

SOG Terminus XR

SOG Terminus XR

Featuring a 3-inch blade and an overall length of 7 inches, the SOG Terminus XR is an excellent alternative to the Civivi Elementum. Its stout clip point blade is made of CTS-BDZ1 steel, which means you get good sharpness and excellent resistance to rust even after a long period of usage.

The handle is made of G10/Carbon Fiber scales over stainless steel liners. This knife is lightweight and easy to carry, and it comes with a discreet pocket clip that can be switched from one side to another.

However, if you are looking for a minimalist knife, this one has bold SOG branding that might not match your style.

Kizer Tangram Folding Pocket Knife

Kizer Tangram Folding Pocket Knife

The Kizer Tangram line is a budget-friendly collection of knives specifically created to target entry-level consumers. The aim is to provide affordable yet high-quality knives that are suitable for beginners and budget-conscious individuals.

This initial lineup is made up of five different models, each with different features and benefits. The Lynx and Tracker models feature stainless steel handles and opening cut-outs for seamless deployment. Also, the Aramillo and Rumble knives are fitted with G-10 scales and liner lock flippers. While the fifth model, the G-10 Sante Fe, has a thumb stud and wharncliffe blade.

Honey Badger Folding Knives

Honey Badger Folding Knives

Honey Badger Knives, a South African brand, offers a range of high-quality folding knives for everyday use. These knives feature remarkably smooth opening and closing action, thanks to the use of an 18-ball bearing pivot system. This design allows you to operate them one-handed without stress, while they remain convenient for everyday carry.

You can easily identify Honey Badger knives with their unique signature honeycomb hexagonal pattern on their handles, which sets them apart from other options. They come in various blade shapes, steel types, finishes, and colors, so you can choose a knife that suits your preferences and needs.

The knives also embody the spirit of the honey badger, Africa’s toughest animal, by being fearless and strong in any task they undertake.

Civivi Elementum Review FAQs

Here are some common questions people ask about the Civivi Elementum.

What is the blade material of the Civivi Elementum?

The Civivi Elementum features a high-quality blade made of D2 tool steel, known for its excellent edge retention and durability.

Is the Civivi Elementum a good EDC knife?

Yes, it’s a popular choice for an Everyday Carry (EDC) knife due to its compact size, versatile blade, and comfortable ergonomics.

What is the handle material of the Civivi Elementum?

The handle is typically crafted from G10, a robust and lightweight material that offers a secure grip.

Does the Civivi Elementum have a pocket clip?

Yes, it comes with a pocket clip for convenient and secure carry in your pocket.

What is the price range of the Civivi Elementum?

Prices can vary, but it’s generally considered an affordable mid-range knife, making it accessible to many users.

Can the Civivi Elementum be easily sharpened?

Yes, the D2 steel blade is relatively easy to sharpen and maintains a sharp edge well.

It’s typically legal in most areas, but knife laws vary, so it’s essential to check your local regulations.

What is the warranty for Civivi knives?

Civivi knives typically come with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

Civivi Elementum Review Final Thoughts

At the end of our Civivi Elementum review, we can confidently say that this is a practical and stylish everyday carry knife. It comes in a pocket-friendly size, and its handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. The blade sharpness, smooth flipping action, and seamless pocket clip make it a delightful carry experience.

CIVIVI Elementum Folding Pocket Knife

Durable D2 foldable knife blade provides razor sharp cutting performance. High performing D2 blade provides outstanding strength and edge retention. Ceramic ball-bearing pivot construction ensures fantastic, super smooth actions, allowing for quick and snappy deployment. Discrete deep carry clip carries like a dream. Lifetime gaurantee.

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