EDC Collection #2: Monochromatic

Spyderco Manix 2, Silver Dollar Hobo Coin Art, Mini Griffin Pocket Tool, Fisher Space X-Mark Bullet Pen, Orient Ray II Japanese Diving Watch, and Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer Pocket Knife.

Here’s what’s included in this EDC collection:

Knife: Spyderco Manix 2

The Manix 2 is a dependable, all-purpose folding knife with a ball bearing lock. Its broad blade is precision machined from premium CPM S30V particle metallurgy stainless steel. The blade has a full-flat grind for fantastic balance and strength. Textured grooves on the thumb ramp and index-finger choil give the knife exceptional ergonomics and a solid grip. The ball bearing lock is strong, smooth, and consists of a hardened steel ball in a polymer cage. You can open and close the knife easily with either hand without ever coming in contact with the blade. This knife also includes a reversible hourglass clip that supports left or right-side tip-up carry, making everything ambidexterous.

This user’s knife also includes Flytanium Scales.

“I have owned and used this knife every day for the last several months and it is hands down the best knife in my collection. It comes down to durability. The leaf blade design has support in the right places and the CPM S30V steel keeps a razor sharp edge better than most of the other blades I have. I cut boxes, drywall, tape and aluminum foil with it and I can still shave with it. I refuse to loan it out because I’m afraid I might not get it back.” – Review

Coin Art: Silver Dollar Hobo Coin Art

This finely crafted piece of coin art is the perfect gift for your favorite fantasy and Gothic art collector. It’s antique silver plated raised sculptured design is surrounded by a simple dot pattern and has a serrated edge or a true coin feel. The coin’s finish is highly durable and features . On the front side it is etched with a sculpted 3D raised depiction of an artist’s portrait of a nude girl coming to life from the canvas. On the back side is the traditional Morgan Silver Dollar Eagle. This is a delightful token and makes a great gift.

Multitool: Mini Griffin Pocket Tool

The Griffin Pocket Tool is an indispensable piece of your EDC kit. It keeps your keys neatly organized and offers a multitool function in a streamlined package that doesn’t add bulk. You’ll find 12 tools in one, including a bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, scoring tool, prying tool, and a bit holder. You also get four wrenches scaled from four to seven millimeters. TSA friendly.

“Very small key chain pry tool. Perfect for opening bottles and has added functionality to boot.” “Perfect size for an EDC pouch or wallet.” “Very nice, small and handy.” – Review

Pen: Fisher Space X-Mark Bullet Pen

This versatile pen can write at any angle, even in zero gravity. It’s noted for being the most versatile pain ever designed. You can write in extreme temperatures, from -30F to 250F. It’s made entirely from brass and steel. Each pain is precision assembled, hand tested, and offers a lifetime guarantee.

“I hate picking up a pen to note something on a sticky note and the pen won’t write. With the Space Pen I don’t have to even think about it any longer. It writes each time, every time. No questions!” – Review

Watch: Orient Ray II Japanese Diving Watch

The Ray II is one of the best diving watches in the world. It’s known for its brightness and longevity. It features Japanese-automatic movement, a 42mm Case diameter, and 200m (600ft) of water resistance. It’s suitable for most marine activities and water sports, but not deep diving. Orient has been manufacturing watches for 65 years. The timing device is manufactured in demand. 

“This is my first mechanical automatic watch and my first Orient. And so far, after having it for just three days, I’m loving it! The blue dial gives a dressy, exquisite look to a ‘utilitarian’ watch. I’ve tested its accuracy via the NIST Atomic clock and after 24 or so hours it’s running about 12-13 seconds fast – which is within the factory advertised specs. I’m not a NASA rocket scientist so that’s not an issue. The luminosity is very very good. Lasts a nice 7-8 hours and is easily readable in the dark/at night once your eyes adjust.” – Review

Swiss Army Knife: Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer Pocket Knife

Inspired by the classic Soldier’s knife, this sleek multi-tool packs all of its functions between two durable Alox scales. It feels good in your hand, and it feels even better when, once again, you get the job done. This Swiss-made pocket knife offers durable construction in a compact package so it’s perfect for all outdoor adventures. It includes eight functions: large blade, reamer/punch, can opener, screwdriver 3 mm, bottle opener, screwdriver 7.5 mm, wire stripper, and key ring. Lifetime guarantee. Height: 0.5 in, Length: 3.7 in., Weight: 2.5 oz., MM: 93mm, Scale Material: Alox.

“WOW! The size, ergonomics, quality of materials and weight was perfect. The blade and tools are awesome and pretty much everything you would use routinely every day. If you are looking for an everyday knife, this is your knife.” – Review

Image credit: u/I_said_it_on_reddit

Dennis Hammer
Dennis Hammer
Dennis has been a part of EDC since he was young - before he even knew what it was! As an artist, he loves beautifully designed products that function well. He also likes to be ready for any situation, which makes EDC perfect for his lifestyle.